Me mōhio ki ngā tūraru

Know the risks

If you spend a lot of your time online, it's important to understand the risks. Learn about common risks and threats, bust some myths about online security, and read our top tips for keeping you and your whānau safe and secure.

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Why online security is important

When we spend so much of our time online, keeping our online lives secure is as important as keeping the things in our physical world safe.

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Busting myths about online security

There's a lot of information out there about online security, but what's true and what's not? We decided to round up some of the most common myths we see about online security here, and give you the facts.

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Get information for business

Practical advice and how-to guides to help you keep your business safe and secure online.

Help for IT specialists

If you need information targeted to IT specialists, or want to report a technical incident, visit our CERT NZ website.

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