A business cyber security plan made easy

Jun 19, 2024

We've put together an interactive tool that gives you free, tailored actions and advice for your business.

Photo of a woman's hands holding a mobile phone with webpage showing the words Your business action plan.

The more you know about how to manage online security, the less your business is at risk. Knowing where to start and what to do can be overwhelming. The good news is many online security incidents can be prevented by implementing a few small changes that will make a big difference.

Own Your Online has developed a helpful online self-assessment tool that gives you tailored actions and advice for your business needs.

Start our business online security questionnaire 

Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, you will get an online security action plan checklist that breaks up your tasks into levels:

  1. Business basics.
  2. Next level protection.
  3. Extra for experts.

You can email your plan, print it out and even go back to it again to tick off your completed actions.

When you’ve finished your actions, set a reminder to take it again in a few months’ time – online security isn’t something you should set and forget, as new threats are always emerging.

Want to protect your personal life online also?

Answer a few questions about your online security behaviour and habits to get a customised action plan to help you become more secure online.

Online security assessment tool for individuals