Rauemi aromatawai haumarutanga tuihono ā-pakihi

Business online security assessment tool

Answer a few questions about the online security practices, policies and processes in your business to get a customised action plan that will help you and your business become more secure online.

What does your business need to do to be secure online?

Complete our short online security assessment to understand how secure your business is online. We’ll then provide you with a customised action plan that, depending on your results, will cover the basics, next level protection, and even gold star status!

Get started
  • 5-10 min
  • Get a checklist of actions to help you build your resilience against online security threats.
  • You can work through the plan in your own time, and check items off as you go. You can also email or download your plan.

Looking for something else?

Online security assessment for individuals

Use our tool to create an action plan that will help you protect yourself online.

Looking for more specialist information?

If you’re an IT professional looking for more detailed information, head to our CERT NZ website.