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If you’ve been affected by an incident online, or targeted by a scammer, we’re here to help.

Report an incident to CERT NZ

If you or someone else is in immediate danger or a crime is being committed, call 111 now.

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Report an online issue or security incident

If you've experienced a security issue online, report it to us. We’ll help you understand what’s happened, the steps you can take to resolve it, and provide advice on how to avoid it in the future.
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Check for scams

Think you’re being scammed? Use our quick scam check tool to see if you've received a message you should be wary of, and find out what to do with it.

Common scenarios

Other online incidents

  • Who to talk to about online bullying

    Online bullying relates to any kind of bullying, harassment or abuse that’s carried out online, for example through social media, email or a website. You can report online bullying directly to Netsafe.

    Report online bullying to Netsafe(external link)

  • How to complain about objectionable material online

    The term 'objectionable material' usually relates to any publication that deals with subjects like sex, horror, crime, cruelty and violence. The Censorship Compliance Unit at the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) takes complaints about this topic.

    Report objectionable material to DIA(external link)

  • How to report online child abuse

    This is any kind of abuse that happens to a child on the internet. It can include grooming, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, and emotional abuse. We recommend you report online child abuse directly to OCEANZ, a specialist team at New Zealand Police.

    Report online child abuse to OCEANZ(external link)

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Practical advice and how-to guides to help you keep your business safe and secure online.

Help for IT specialists

If you need information targeted to IT specialists, or want to report a technical incident, visit our CERT NZ website

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