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Keeping your business secure online

Protecting your business – and your customers – from online criminals is just as important as protecting it from criminals in the physical world.

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Why it matters

Businesses across New Zealand lose millions of dollars to online crime every year. Research shows that more than half of New Zealand businesses don't have even simple protections in place.

Setting up digital protection can be as easy as the physical protections you use daily, like locking doors and setting up security cameras.

Online criminals are getting smarter, and things like artificial intelligence are making their job even easier. Put some simple barriers in their way to make your business, and your customers' information more secure.

Start by ticking off our top 11 – these are the things that will give you broad protection against the most common online threats.

Top 11 online security tips for businesses

How to protect your business

Good online security requires layers of protection – start with the basics, like solid passwords, then add extra layers depending on what your main risks are.

Once you've covered off the top 11, work out what else you need protection from, as well as any policies or plans you need to put in place.

Common risks and threats for businesses

Get protected