New business webinar: How to protect your business against ransomware

Mar 11, 2024

One of the most disruptive types of cyber attacks for any sized business is ‘ransomware’. Join us at the next FREE business webinar to learn about the risks, how it works and most importantly how to keep you and your business protected.

Sam Webinar

Ransomware can shut your business systems down, leaving you powerless.

In this session, taking place on Tuesday 30 April at 10.30am, we’ll dive into how a ransomware attack starts, what the bad guys are trying to achieve and what sort of impacts ransomware can have on your business. Whether your business is big or small, this webinar is designed to help you get an overall understanding of how to keep your business secure online.

Here’s what to expect: 

Understanding ransomware: What is ransomware and how it works – we’ll talk about what the first signs of an attack look like, how to protect against it and what to do if you’ve been targeted. 

Data theft and risk awareness: Alongside the initial financial demands, ransomware can be damaging in a number of ways. 

How to get prepared: There are things you can do to recover from a ransomware attack, but it's much easier if you’ve taken steps to protect your business before it happens. Learn what you can be doing now to prepare your business. 

This is an interactive session. Come along with your questions and get them answered in the session. 

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